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Saturday, March 6, 2010

I have stopped plucking my eyebrows.

I have stopped plucking my eyebrows. Just thought I’d put that out there. Not for any reason other than I intend to grow them out. That and my tweezers are terribly blunt and I hate them. I had good tweezers, great ones, but lost them for the seventeenth time and they became history.
I started plucking my eyebrows when I was fifteen, not for any reason other than I thought that was what grown up women did. My eyebrows, in their original form, were actually pretty damn good. My mother used to call them ‘brush-strokes’. These days, I can’t tell where they are even supposed to start. I messed that up years ago when the short, pencil-thin era bombarded a majority of faces, circa ’97.
My point is, though I have stopped plucking my eyebrows, it is to grow them out into a more natural form. When they are complete, they will look good and my face will look different… perhaps more like how I am supposed to look.
But in the meantime, I look like an un-groomed slob. So be it.
I once said that anyone could tell if I am going through a bad patch – if I stop plucking my eyebrows; i.e.: stop caring.
Am I going through a bad patch? I don’t know…
A few days ago I was brimming with happiness; the world was full of opportunities and every possibility.
Yesterday and to a lesser extent, today… the happiness isn’t brimming. It seems to be only half full. I think yesterday, it was half empty. That’s a good sign. Perhaps I hit the bottom rung yesterday and now I’m on the way back up. Seems like it.
Why did I hit the bottom rung? Was it that terrible job interview? Surely I wouldn’t let some bombastic tool get the better of me? Or would I?
Did I expect things to come so easily? That I would just head to my first job interview, walk out with a smile and a secured job, earn lots of money and live happily ever after?
Was it ever that easy? No. No way. When I completed my Education Diploma, I applied for thirty jobs. THIRTY. I went to three interviews. One interview I walked out of feeling like a moronic simpleton. The other two interviews resulted in job offers. I can do it. I just need to find my balls again, so to speak. You know what I mean.
Everything takes time, effort and a lot of courage. Be prepared to be knocked down. If you lose your grasp and scale down the ladder, don’t think that there isn’t a way to get back up again. There’s always a way.
An important aspect is, don’t cower, don’t cover your face. Bare all. You know where you are at, even if others don’t understand you at face value.
You know who you are.


  1. I know you will get there Mish. You are a smart, talented, amazing young woman and you just need to have patience. Plucked eyebrows were never my thing, natural shapes are sexy. Hang in there babe... and when all else fails - write. xx

  2. Hi Michelle
    Yeah. I'm not into plucked eyebrows either. Or makeup. Or body piercing. But I am pretty up at the moment. It was really great receiving your BLOG. I much prefer blogs to Facebook - all that yatter about nothing of anything. I'm with the Mish ... when all is dark, when all is light, however the world seems, simply write.
    Barry C

  3. Here here! Last night I learnt Italians here, in the north anyway, say 'chink chink' and don't bother actually clinking glasses together for a toast, hehe.
    Thank you Mish, Barry thank you and great to hear from you!