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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Giuseppe tip-toed quietly passed the cot... (Or is it past the cot? Hmm... And I want to teach English to adults. Hmm... I'm pretty sure it's 'past'... someone please correct me if I'm wrong.)
He thought that Valentino was still asleep in his cot, (a rare occasion of late as Valentino has been cuddling up to us during the night, he had a fever the other night and hasn't been feeling the best. I haven't felt the best either. Yes, according to my previous post or two, it was probably stress that inevitably took a toll on my physical health. That, coupled with winter's last attempts to suddenly frost up the town, even though last week there was warm sun and blue sky and everyone started to say 'primavera' is surely well on its way. So I went for a walk two days ago, too cocky without my super warm duck-down lined jacket. Now, all sniffly and with a sore throat, the story continues...)
"Bella, wake up," Giuseppe whispered, before glancing at the empty cot and back to me in the semi-darkness, with Valentino draped across me, having his morning latté.
Giuseppe smiled and spun round, a few strides to the window and he unveiled it, swiftly and dramatically as if he were exhibiting a masterpiece on fresh eyes.
And it was, truly.
Many slithers of pure white, soft ice floated down and rested gently on rooftops of houses and cars. The great, tall fir tree across the road looked frosted... and it was, truly.
And yes, I was truly taken by this scene. You see, it is the first snow I have seen, in motion as it falls - since I was six years old and it snowed on that freak winter day in Melbourne, 1986. And that snow fell so lightly and it was over much too quickly. I have never been to 'the snow' in Victoria, Australia. You will never see me on a pair of skis unless it is snowing in a place even less likely than Melbourne. You know what I mean.
The first time I saw snow-covered ground was two years ago, San Giorgio, right here in Veneto, about forty minutes away from where I now sit and type.
But to see the snow fall, is altogether an entirely different scene. It is peaceful. I can't think of any other way to describe it other than simply - peace.
I carried Valentino to the window and he pressed his face to the cold glass, eyes wide. We group-hugged, us three and I couldn't imagine being anywhere more precious.

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