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Monday, March 12, 2012

Archives and Block cleared.

This month's blogs will be archives of writing that I created... what seems like an age ago. Wow, that sounds terribly clichè. But, I just discovered a perk of typing on an Italian keyboard. I don't have to click 'insert symbol' and scroll through a little window of accented letters to type clichè. I just type it.
The reason for this burst of insomnia-driven, edgy night spent with a glass of milk at the computer at 23 minutes past 10 'o clock (ooh... burning the candle at both ends and living precariously) is that I have written two short, choppy sort of… well I suppose you could call them ‘random word collections strung together with some kind of sentimental adhesive’ in the past few weeks which is more than what I have written in the last five years, poetry-wise.
This recent explosion of randomness has led me to recall one of my personal favourites – ‘Wisdom Tree,’ which then led me to remember that I, perhaps knowing that this past decade would take me from suburb to suburb and back and across to the other side of the world, thus dozens of folders of printer paper, loose leaf, curly edged torn from spiral exercise books (now known as ‘quaderni’) failed USBs and computer hardrives later… Luckily – LUCKILY I did create a myspace page, including a blog of my preferred old stories and poems, before deserting the space and entering the realm of Facebook. And luckily, they are still in cyberspace. I shall now retrieve them, save them on my super-powered terrabyte triple backed-up network drive and then save them here in this blog as separate entries. I will try to date them.
Then, I might even try to write something new.
But I wrote the following in a Facebook Check-in to ‘Earth’ on FB. Shut-up. The idea to check in to Earth seemed mind-blowing at the time.
Michelle Napolitano was here.
Michelle Napolitano
check in is everybody in world is small after all are you comfortable in your kin blood is thicker thin as it bleeds sit for what is are SVP never ask shall breathe never die mend seams like restless young youth preserved repeated repeat stark stutters defeat diced reap benefits with edge cliff hold me in metaphors well now now now whose brow is yours now which stock casts stones roll bones dance on head strong order line queue you undo race time check check from being defined preoccopied sigh sigh cut in cut out gather rosebuds sometimes check in check out
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