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Monday, March 12, 2012

Live In Me

Live In Me - lyrics (ANARION Unbroken LP)
"Don't be sad," I hear you say
the sun breaks through the clouds.
I stand, my head held high
Remembering, I say goodbye.
He isn't here, he isn't there
Look at his chair, he isn't there.
He isn't there, he isn't here
He has disappeared.
I went to look for him
Sky of clouds, not a sound
No inscription, no stone-
I stand alone.
Each morning, felt the mourning
Rise with every sun,
And winged creatures danced
Among the clouds surrounding.
I felt your heart
At its last note,
then you faded
Into the light.
You live in me
I live by your words
And on your love
And from my soul
I feel your strength
You are here
You live in me.
His spirit is far greater
For death to take away
He's with us every moment,
Every hour, every day.
His spirit is far greater
Never going to leave
He's still here
Never going to leave…

- Michelle Napolitano 2002

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