...a story about migrating to Italy

Monday, March 12, 2012



that day
sleep tapped me
i flipped
my scarf over my shoulder
to witness a train depart
start to sift my memory

my spirit travelled off

that night
sleep summoned me
i kipped
geographically confused
from stretching out my arms
alarms me to a vacancy

my mind travelled off

that morning
sleep abandoned me
i flipped
my doona jumped out of bed
to write about far fetched thoughts
wrought false complacency

my muse travelled off

that day
sleep wrapped me
for i had ripped
the pages that were bound to me
to languish with far stretched charms
qualms they come to be

my time travelled off

that night
sleep taunted me
i flip
my scarf over my shoulder
to witness a train arrive
strive to sift my memory
I wake
the scene escapes me

my dream has travelled off

- Michelle Napolitano 2003

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