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Monday, March 12, 2012

Wisdom Tree or Dizzy Spell

Right. The original title of this poem, written in around 2000 was indeed 'Dizzy Spell'...'Wisdom Tree' was what I called the collection of poems I included with it for a poetry assignment. I think I changed it when I revived it for another poetry class in 2003/4.
Which do you prefer?

Dizzy Spell
What does it take to be sure?
Reality behaves like a mime.
Consciousness is covered in dust,
And it's not alone.

Wrong lives too close to right,
Morality is a small child,
Demanding yet naive
And Guilt is its mother.

What does it take to be free?
Society is a train,
Where you pay and behave
And people stare.

Life is too close to death,
Awareness is an unplanted seed.
Indifference is a cliff edge,
Where Sadness built a house.

Want's alias is Jealousy,
Who lives with Greed.
Need sits humbly on the pier
Catching fish.

- Michelle Napolitano 2000

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